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7 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards in 2020/2021

Before jumping into our main topic for topic for today (best basketball shoes for guards), let us know who is a point and a shooting guard?

A point guard and a shooting guard is a basketball player whose job is to make good offensive impact for his/her team. They have these eyes of distributing the ball properly, making good passes and few a times make rebounds, steals and blocks.

Point/shooting guards heights are mostly from 6″1′ to 6″15′ inches and they are considered to have top scores for their team. Points and shooting guards are like strikers in basketball games. Top guards like Ben Simmons, Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Devin Booker, Luka Doncic, Steve Curry, Russell Westbrook and many more are considered to be the top guards in the NBA.

But it is the basketball shoes for point/shooting guards that makes their games more successful. For a basketball player who wants to be a point/ shooting guard should consider on how to shoot (2/3 points), make sneaky moves and accurate passes etc. That is why we selected basketball shoes and collection used by guards in the NBA. Here are the list of the best basketball shoes for guards below:


NAME: Harden Vol 4 Shoe

MATERIAL: Textile, synthetic and rubber was used in making this shoe

GENDER: This Harden vol 4 shoe is for men (maybe women too)


  • This Harden vol 4 shoe was made light in order to increase the speed of the player
  • There is a midfoot band that holds the player’s foot very well
  • Harden signature is designed in the insole and outsole of the shoe
  • The rubber sole of the shoe provides exceptional grip in the court
  • This shoe is used by James Harden and Kyle Lowry but we put the shoe in display because of Kyle Lowry of Toronto Raptors
  • Kyle wears the shoe more frequently whenever he plays for his team
  • He has done so much for Toronto Raptors’ offense (been their point guard)
  • His instinct in the games are excellent
  • His leadership for his team is what everyone talks about
  • He has the ability to shoot very well despite been short as point guard (6″0′)
  • His average point per game is 19.4, average rebound is 5.0, assists per game is 7.5
  • He has started every game for his team since his arrival to the club back in 2012
  • The reason I considers this Harden Vol 4 Shoe as the best basketball shoes for guards is that buyer’s reviews on this shoe is more positive and better than other shoes I have checked


  • Buyers said that the shoe is not narrow for them
  • Harden vol4 shoe materials are quality once
  • They are comfortable
  • It has the right amount of support in the sole for a basketball shoe.
  • A buyer said that he does not have any issue with the shoe while running in the court
  • One thing a buyer picked out from the shoe is that it allows him to make quick moves without losing stability
  • The shoe is flexible and solid
  • A buyer said he has bad knees, so the extra cushion gave him support when he is running around the court
  • Good for indoors and outdoors use


  • no cons yet



NAME: Kyrie 6 Shoe

MATERIAL: Leather, synthetic leather and textile upper materials were used in making this shoe

GENDER: For men and women


  • This is one of the best basketball shoes for point guards
  • The midsole is made with foam for easy comfort
  • There is a big cover covering the lace of the shoe. The reason for this is to keep your foot stable during his or her games
  • The collar is fully padded and it protects your ankle from injuries
  • The padded collar helps to generate good moves while making hard cuts in between opposition players
  • The blade pattern that is designed at the back of the Kyrie shoe helps to provide traction in the court
  • There is an extra heel made to avoid slipping
  • This Kyrie 6 is and was worn by Kyrie Ivring himself who plays for Brooklyn Nets
  • Despite playing only 20 games for them for 2019/2020 season, he registered his scoring points 27.4 better than any other seasons in his NBA career
  • His rebounds for 2019/2020 season had increased by 5.2, better than other season (despite playing only 20 games)
  • Kyrie may be the owner of this collection but one thing for certain is that he never seems to disappoint at all
  • Whenever he wears the shoe, he does magic for his team (though he was out because of his shoulder injury in which it led to surgery)


  • Kyrie 6 is very comfortable
  • Very durable


  • Some said that the shoe is narrow



Dame 6

NAME: Dame 6 Shoe

MATERIAL: Synthetic, textile and rubber were used in making this shoe

GENDER: For men and women


  • These shoes has enable players jump easily when making a dunk or shooting for points
  • The ability to jump higher and come down very easy has been good for players
  • The lace were made of webbed lacing system
  • The upper of the shoe is made with textile
  • The shoe has small holes that allows the player’s foot breathe well
  • This shoe is used by Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard
  • He won NBA rookie of the year back in 2013
  • The reason for this shoe was to show the world the kind of leader, point guard and future NBA hall of famer Damian Lillard is
  • He has been playing for Portland since he was drafted by them back in 2012
  • Lillard is notable for his ability to shoot very well but his assists has also been low (but there is still room for improvement)
  • 2019/2020 season, Lillard’s 3 points shots had increased by .401 better than any other season, assists by 8.0 and his points per games by 30.0


  • A buyer said that he loves that the shoe brings out the best of him
  • Good traction
  • There is good comfort whenever players wear the shoe
  • They are very light on player’s foot
  • A buyer said that the shoe gives him enough support during his games


  • Some are saying that the shoe is narrow



NAME: Li Ning CJ McCollum Shoes

MATERIAL: Textile, leather and rubber were used in making this shoe

GENDER: This shoe is for men and women


  • This shoe is one of the best basketball shoes for shooting guards
  • The shoe has helped C.J over the last 4 years
  • His shooting style had improved rapidly
  • He won the NBA improved player for 2016
  • Damian Lillard and C.J McCollum are the best duo for Portland Trail Blazers over the last years
  • Whenever C.J were this shoe, he scores high points for his team (most of them are 3 points)
  • The rubber sole makes him balance very well to shoot (most at times he shoots almost half of the court)
  • His rebound had increased by 4.2, his assists per game had also increased by 4.4


  • Buyers love that the shoe is fashionable
  • Buyers said that their ankles are protective
  • The shoe is comfortable
  • It is a lightweight shoe
  • It has great cushioning
  • Great traction


  • A buyer complained that the shoe heel is killing him



Nike Zoom Rize

NAME: Nike Zoom Rize

MATERIAL: Leather, synthetic and rubber were used in making this shoe

GENDER: This shoe is for men and women


  • There is a great cushioning under the forefoot of the shoe
  • It’s function is to make the shoe more flexible for the player
  • The collar/upper of the Nike zoom rize is padded well
  • The back heel of the shoe protects your ankle
  • The player that uses this season is Ben Simmons of Philadelphia 76ers
  • Many believes that his performance had become better during the 2019/200 season despite having injuries
  • His 3 points shots had increased by .286, his free throw percentage is by .621 and his steals per game increased by 2.1


  • Nice quality materials used
  • Good grip
  • Better comfort (buyers said this)
  • Nike zoom rize is very light for the player


  • No cons yet



NAME: D.O.N Shoe

MATERIAL: Rubber, synthetic and leather were used in making these shoes

GENDER: These shoes are for men


  • The sole is a rubber sole
  • The upper is a textile upper
  • Donovan Mitchell of Utah Jazz is known for his shooting rate
  • As a shooting guard, he is seen as the future of NBA because of his shooting rate (3/2 points), passing accuracy and mostly his movement
  • Whenever Donovan plays for his team, their chances of winning is high
  • He pass the ball whenever nobody sees it
  • Ever since he signed a long term deal with Adidas, his games has improved in number
  • His shoes makes him a better shooter even the can confirm this


  • The shoes are comfortable
  • The shoes have good grip
  • It has great cushioning
  • They are great for hooping


  • A buyer said that it hurts in the heel



NAME: Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.3 Shoe

MATERIAL: Rubber, textile and leather were used in making this shoe

GENDER: This shoe is men and women


  • This shoe was made for Russell Westbrook because of his fearlessness during his games
  • The midfoot strap makes players reach the basket very high and makes them able to shoot for points
  • It also holds the player’s foot very well
  • Air zoom is curved at the tongue of the shoe. Reason for this is to make the shoe follow the foot of the player
  • The outsole was split into 2 to reduce the weight of the shoe
  • Russell used the Jordan why not shoe for Houston Rocket half of the season of 2019/2020
  • He doubled his free throw shots this 2019/2020 season better than any other seasons
  • He ability to rebound very well as a point guard is what makes him even more better
  • He averaged 7.9 per game for rebounds


  • Provision of comfort is there
  • There is good traction
  • The strap across the midsection really helps a buyer’s foot stay in place when taking quick sprints to the basket
  • The extra padding on the back side of the shoe helps a buyer’s foot stay in whenever someone steps on his foot which with other shoes he would have to readjust because it would slip out completely.


  • No cons yet


As a big fan of basketball, I would say all of the basketball shoes are the best. Each shoe were created to please the players and the customers to. These best basketball shoes for guards above are used by customers and players that is why to be the best, you have to know what to wear and use in the basketball court.

What do you think about these basketball shoes?


Best basketball shoes for beginners or players

We have selected the best basketball shoes for guards. They are listed here

How to wash a basketball shoe

1. Remove any sides stains, sand or substance around the shoes
2. Collect a boil with detergent and water in it
3. Make sure your don’t add any chemical or bleach in the water
4. Use a small towel you used for your shoes and use it to clean your shoes properly
5. Do not soak your shoe in the water
For more information about how to clean your shoes, read here or watch a clip here

What materials are used in making this shoes?

Rubber, textile, synthetic and leather were used in making these basketball shoes

What to know when checking for basketball shoes

1. Wide outsole
2. Good grip
3. Right size etc

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